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Previous German DMB catalogues

We send out regular German music CD/DVD catalogues to our customers, but to catch up on the previous catalogues, you can download them in pdf format. Please remember that not all titles in previous catalogues are still available and in print, but the MAJORITY of the titles ARE STILL AVAILABLE TO ORDER.

Please bear in mind that the usual order time for titles not in stock is 4-8 weeks. For more difficult-to-obtain titles, it can take longer.

You can order by listing your desired titles COMPLETE WITH CATALOGUE NUMBER in this form. You may choose instead to send your order to us by fax or by post.

Catalogue 2010 (Spring)
Catalogue 2009 (Summer/Christmas)
Catalogue 2009 (Winter-Spring)
Catalogue 2008-2009 (Summer)
Catalogue 2008 (August)
Catalogue 2007 (Summer)
Catalogue 2006 (Christmas)
Catalogue 2006 (July)
Catalogue 2006 (March)
Catalogue 2005 (Christmas)
Catalogue 2005 (August)
Catalogue 2005 (May)
Catalogue 2005 (Summer)
Catalogue 2004 (Christmas)
Catalogue 2004 (July)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.





Please note: price are listed in Australian dollars and include GST. Prices subject to change without notice.
Minimum deposit $20 required when ordering titles not in stock. (Non-refundable for cancelled orders; refundable if title unobtainable.)

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